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The Senior Economist is responsible for building and maintaining economic modeling systems and contributing to regional forecasts and publications and other ad hoc economics publications. Primary technical liaison for Comerica Economics for economic scenarios, stress testing and other regulatory requirements. Manage monthly economic forecasting and publication cycle. Expand regional modeling system and develop expertise in regional economies. Contribute to rolling analysis of national and regional economic conditions. Emphasis is placed on quantitative skills including econometrics, time series analysis, economic model construction and validation and data programming. Supports the Bank nationally across all markets.

Position Responsibilities

Manage forecasting systems and other technical systems
Responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance of economic forecasting models and related technical systems.
Develop econometric equations for inclusion in economic forecasting models.
Support model validation process through testing and documentation.
Coordinate use of economic outputs for stress testing.
Manage databases of historical and forecasted economic data.

Economic forecasting

Manage monthly forecasting cycle for Comerica Economics.
Develop expertise in regional economies and forecast regional economic activity.
Manage the publication of proprietary regional economic indices.

Economic analysis

Write regional economic analysis.
Contribute to other Comerica Economics publications including Economic Alerts and the U.S. Economic Monthly.
Develop new Comerica Economics publications as needed to respond to changing drivers of the economic outlook.

Position Qualifications

Master’s degree or higher in Economics or related field
6 years experience in application of quantitative, statistical and economic analytical techniques
6 years experience with macroeconomics
5 years experience in project management and managing multiple assignments
5 years hands-on experience with various economic tools, financial databases and analytical packages
Strong written and verbal presentation skills
Preferred – fluent in Spanish to be able to write and publish to customers

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