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Community Economic Development Advisor
Salary: ($74,500) -($98,400)
Location Headquarters. Quincy, Plumas County, CA

Position Overview
The University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) offers a recruitment opportunity for a UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Community Economic Development Advisor.

The Advisor will implement an innovative extension education and applied research program around community economic development and health, the intersection of community planning, and disaster preparedness that will bolster the economy and resilience of agriculture, natural resources, and the community.

The position will involve:
– Developing, implementing, and evaluating a community needs assessment.
– Coordinating with local entities to develop and implement strategies for supporting economic vitality.
– Efforts to support new and existing businesses.
– Community planning and infrastructure development
– Enhancing disaster resilience planning and recovery.

The Advisor will develop and implement an extension education program supporting community economic development and resilience. The position assists clientele by developing science-based practices for economic soundness and for disaster preparedness. The information will be disseminated through workshops, meetings, and local/regional partnerships.

The candidate may conduct applied research in the areas of community economic development, resilience, and disaster preparedness, perform market opportunity analysis, and develop innovative models for rural economic prosperity and resiliency.

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